*All cancellations will be subject to a fee of 10% of the total purchase price.

Attendee Pricing

Industry Category Member Non-Member
Self-Insured Employer or Group Fund (Self-Insured) $270.00 $320.00
Vendor (Provider, TPA, PI, IME, NCM, Other) $420.00 $620.00
Attorney $420.00 $620.00

Exhibit Booth Pricing

Exhibit Booth Includes One 8′ Skirted Table, 2 Chairs, and Early Set Up Member Non-Member
Includes 1 Representative and Booth $500.00 $750.00
Additional Representatives $220.00 per person $320.00 per person

*All Exhibitors Will Have Networking Opportunities With Key Decision-Makers Throughout the Conference

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Benefits Diamond Sponsor


(5 Available)

Platinum Sponsor


(10 Available)



(20 Available)

Silver Sponsor



Lunch Sponsor


(4 Available)

Breakfast Sponsor


(4 Available)

Break Sponsor


(3 Available)

Optimal Booth Placement Near entrance X
Opportunity to Introduce a Speaker or a Special Honored Guest X
Opportunity to Provide a 2-Minute Message During the Conference X
List of Attendees Including E-mail Adresses X X
Exhibit Booth X X X *Must Purchase Exhibit Booth Seperately *Must Purchase Exhibit Booth Seperately *Must Purchase Exhibit Booth Seperately *Must Purchase Exhibit Booth Seperately
Registration to the 2023 Spring Conference 3 Attendee Registrations Included 2 Attendee Registrations Included 1 Attendee Registration Included
Discounted Additional Member Registration ($270 per person) X X X
Rotating Banner Ad on MSIA Website X X X
Recognized in All Promotions as an Event Sponsor with Hyperlink to Organizations Website X X X
Logo Recognition on Slide Show During One Break X X X X
Color Ad in Onsite Program Full Page, Premier Location Half Page Quarter Page Name in Brochure *Signage throughout Lunch Both Days *Signage throughout Breakfast *Signage During One Break
Recognized as a Sponsor on the MSIA Website Name, Four Line Description, Hyperlink Name,Two Line Description, Hyperlink Name, One Line Description, Hyperlink Name, One Line Description
Recognition of Organization’s Support From the Podium X X X X X X X

Special Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Benefits

Wednesday Welcome Reception Sponsor


(2 Available)

Thursday Farewell Party Sponsor


(2 Available)

Coffee with the Board/Skybridge Event Sponsor


(2 Available)

Gypsy Distillery and Mackinaw Trails Winery Tour Sponsor


(4 Available)

Board Dinner Sponsor


(1 Available)

Signage Throughout Wednesday’s Reception X
1 Minute Message During the Reception (Wednesday) X
1 Minute Message During the Reception (Thursday) X
Signage Throughout Thursday Reception X
Logo on Event Promotion in Exhibit Hall X X X X
Signage Throughout Coffee with the Board at the Eagles Nest Sponsor X
Company Logo Inside Shuttles and Signage at Gypsy Distillery/Mackinaw Trails Winery X
Company Logo & Contact Information on the Menu X